Enhance Immunity Cistanche Supplement,2*Bottles A

Enhance Immunity Cistanche Supplement,2*Bottles A

Dosage: 4~6 tablets per day

Main ingredient:Cistanche extract,ginseng extract,microcrystalline cellulose,magnesium stearate
Supplement fact(per 100g):
Total saponins:5g
Total flavonoids:5g
Package:80 tablets per bottle
Appearance: Tablet
Storage: Cool and Dry place and proper temperature
Shelf life:24 months
Origin: CHINA

Allergen Information: Does not contain eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, seafood, or starch.
Storage method: keep dry and avoid direct sunlight.
Shelf life: 36 months

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Note: Children and pregnant women are forbidden to eat this product. This product is classified as a food supplement. Food supplements are not a substitute for medicines.

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